Sylvia is an agent from the Fallout continuum. She is written by ShatteredSanity.

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Sylvia was a bit-character in a Fallout crossover with Warcraft. She was a companion to the Lone Wander, who was a Sue. Her main skills were with Small Guns, Unarmed, and Medicine. Because of this, she played the part of the silent bodyguard to the Sue.

Sylvia was recruited by Natasha during a training mission. During the canonical event of the Lone Wanderer getting captured by an organization known as the Enclave, Sylvia was also taken captive.

During Sylvia's imprisonment, she was abandoned by the Sue in favor of a "fade to black" scene between the Sue and Illidan Stormrage. One of the agents assigned to the fic insisted that Sylvia be recruited into the PPC. This agent would later become her partner.

After collecting a few of her personal belongings, Sylvia followed her rescuer to the Sue, where she ended the Sue's life with a bullet to the head. Sylvia was then taken back to Headquarters and joined the PPC.

Personality Edit

Sylvia is a good-natured person, always trying to do the right thing. She has a strong sense of morals, but is willing to kill if the need arises. Her strong moral compass might have something to do with having been part of the Regulators, an organization that hunted down criminals in the Capital Wasteland of the Fallout universe. This is also where she got her duster.

Sylvia is extremely dedicated to anyone she befriends due to her being abandoned by her Sue, whom she considered her best friend. This can make her a bit overprotective at times and cause her to become extremely violent if anyone hurts them.

Her favorite possessions are what she took with her out of her fic: a 10mm pistol, a Deathclaw Gauntlet, and her Regulator Duster. Just like with her friends, if anyone messes with those items, they had better start running.

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