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A Sword of Sueness is a weapon (usually a sword) that is overdescribed and overpowered to the point of ridiculousness. A Sword of Sueness is generally (though not always) carried by a Mary Sue.

The term "Sword of Sueness" is a reference to the Dungeons & Dragons syntax used when weapons with special properties are named. Occasionally, a numerical modifier may be added, such as "+5 Sword of Sueness."

Not all Swords of Sueness are actually swords. They can be other weapons as well: Bows (common in Lord of the Rings and other fantasy continua), wands (Harry Potter), or powerful firearms of some kind, usually automatic rifles (many video game continua), are common Weapons of Sueness. Lightsabers wielded by Star Wars Sues that do things even canon lightsabers can't do might also be Swords of Sueness. Some Sues will also create magical jewelry that doubles as weaponry; the Ring of Sairalindë is one example. Less common are weapons mounted on spacecraft or weapons directly crafted or invented by a Mary Sue.

Signs that a weapon is a Weapon of Sueness include:

  • Being more powerful than the most powerful canonical version of its type. ("Mary Sue's wand is more powerful than the Elder Wand, so that's why she was able to defeat Voldemort!")
  • Having abilities that no weapon in its continuum should have. ("I modified my phaser so that the Borg couldn't adapt to it!")
  • Being a copy of an important canonical weapon. (Frodo finds Sting's twin, "Thorn," and gives it to Mary Sue.)
  • Being an inheritance or gift from a canon character. (Once he saw how speshul she was, Luke Skywalker crafted a lightsaber for Mary Sue.)
  • Randomly acquiring new powers when the story calls for it.
  • Being inappropriately exotic: either out of place for the continuum in question, or in the "expert" hands of somebody who has no reason to be skilled with it.
    • This goes double for the illogical presence of Japanese weaponry, due to how cool Japan is to many.
  • Getting more than a sentence worth of description, unless it is an object central to the plot (and even then, there's only so much you can do with gold filigree and urple engravings before agents get very annoyed).

Swords of Sueness come in two categories: Badly balanced and impractical (because the Suethor knew very little of actual swords), and ridiculously powerful. Badly balanced Sue-swords are often taken as souvenirs; but ridiculously powerful weapons must be destroyed or depowered, since they risk Sueing agents who use them.

The opposite of a Sword of Sueness is a Generic Weapon.