According to the Other Wiki, a sword is defined as "a long, edged piece of metal, used as a cutting, thrusting, and clubbing weapon in many civilizations throughout the world."

Swords are very common in the PPC, especially in low-tech continua such as The Lord of the Rings, as agents need to dispatch Sues in a manner that fits the canon, but many also carry them outside of missions; according to Peter Piper, the average agent is a very skilled swords(wo)man, which is why the DIO preferred ranged weaponry.[1] Swords sometimes see use in higher-tech continua as well, the most famous example being lightsabers.

A sword in the hands of a Suvian may be a Sword of Sueness. Agents should exercise caution when encountering these and resist the temptation to nick them for personal use, even though they are very shiny.

References Edit

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