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The Swan's Egg event took place in May 2012, and led to the closing down of the Department of Internal Operations and the creation of The Message. It consisted of a trilogy of stories by Huinesoron, with several follow-up pieces under the title of "Fallen Feathers."

The "Swan's Egg" stories dealt with the PPC as a fictional construct, and consequentially are extremely meta in places.

"DIO: Swansong"[]

Following the discovery of the existence of the PPC Board by Justin Agent of the Department of Internal Operations, the DIO were tasked with ensuring that the Boarders did not learn of the (actual, not fictional) existence of the PPC. This discovery took place shortly before the Board role-played the 2011 PPC Christmas Party; while attending said party, Nita Kerys was drugged by a robot controlled by the Ghost in the Machine and precipitated an incident with Agent Morgan, who had been involved with the discovery of the Board.

The combination of incidents set Peter Piper thinking, and after some prompting from the Ghost, he came to the (erroneous) conclusion that the Board of Department Heads was using the PPC Board to control the agents, and had worked neuralyzers into the agents' flash patches to prevent them remembering the Board's existence.

Following this apparent realisation, Peter Piper went on a rampage. Before being stopped by the Department of External Security, he killed several Flowers (including the Snowthorn and the Clover), and injured several others.

"SO: Royal Swan"[]

Following the events of "Swansong," the Board of Department Heads ordered the DIO shut down. The Elm was exiled to ancient Middle-earth, Peter Piper and Justin Agent were sent to computer games, and Nita Kerys was transferred to Building Maintenance.

Following a hallucinatory encounter with Jaycacia Thornbyrd, the Sunflower Official came to an understanding of the nature of the PPC as a fictional construct. He contacted the Ghost in the Machine, and convinced it to convey a message for him to random agents. Since both agents and the SO himself would likely forget the existence of the PPC Board and The Message after a short time, the Ghost promised to resend The Message at random intervals.

"PPC: Flight of Swans"[]

On receiving The Message, Kayleigh Leonard (Department of Bad Slash), Monty and Deirdre (Department of Intelligence), Rosalind and Haar (Department of Redundancy Department), Starwind Rohana (Department of Mary Sues) and Veminta Fincaran attempted to obey its instruction to rebel against the PPC Board, with varying degrees of success.

"Fallen Feathers"[]

The "Fallen Feathers" stories are an ongoing collection. Thus far they describe:

  • The reaction of several Flowers to the news of Peter Piper's rampage.
  • Nita Kerys settling into her new job.

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