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Suzine Sachs is the Head Nurse in the Department of Fictional Psychology. She is responsible for knowing what is going on where and with whom at any given time—no easy task.

Character Profile[]


Suzine is a woman who knows where everything goes, and this is reflected in her appearance. Her black hair is straight and seems never to have a strand out of place. She occasionally adorns herself with a flower of some kind—not sentient, of course. She wears purple and white that stays white, which is a minor miracle in a hectic environment like FicPsych. Her eyes are almost as dark as her hair.


Her most important trait is her love of organization. It occasionally drives her to the brink of insanity, but the rest of the time it enables her to keep her nurses from tripping over each other as they work. She is the person to ask if you don't know where to find someone or something, and if she doesn't happen to know the answer, she knows who to ask.

Suzine cares about the people under her, but she cares about the department as a whole even more. She can come off as stern, even prickly, but she means well. In a round-about sort of way. With professional courtesy, at least.

In private, she is on a first-name basis with Dr. Freedenberg and Nurse Mirrad due to long association.

She is allergic to cats.


Suzine has been around FicPsych longer than most of the nurses and she doesn't tend to hobnob with them, so her origins are unclear. She was there for the Badfic Explosion caused by the Lord of the Rings movies, but whether and how long she was in FicPsych before then are not known.