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Dean: There's Sam Girls and Dean Girls and...what's a slash fan?
Sam: As in Sam slash Dean, together
Dean: Like together, together? They do know we are brothers right?
Sam: Doesn't seem to matter.
Dean: Well that's just sick!

—Sam and Dean find out they have fans

Supernatural is an American TV series featuring two brothers called Sam and Dean Winchester who drive around the U.S.A. in a Chevy Impala, killing off supernatural creatures by means of silver/iron bullets, rock salt, Latin exorcisms, and lighter fluid. Occasionally, they dig up graves.

They also spent most of their lives trying to find and kill a demon that burned their mother up after pinning her to the ceiling. (This happened when Sam was six months and Dean was four years old.) Their father brought them up hunting the supernatural, which has given rise to a whole host of abusive!John stories.

Minis from Supernatural are mini-hellhounds. They are not to be confused with Good Omens minis, which are mini-Hellhounds.

In Fanfiction[]

As is typical for a canon with two attractive male leads, this fandom abounds with slash fics. Not so typically, most of them involve incest. The pairing is labeled "Wincest" by fans.

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