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Suichi (Sue) Sanders was a Canon!Sue written by anamia. When she refused to leave the story in question, anamia contacted the PPC and had her assassinated properly. The task was given to Agent Martin, of the Department of Floaters.


Sue had "flowing golden fronds" and "piercing sapphire orbs," assumed to mean blonde hair and blue eyes. She was, naturally, beautiful and, of course, perfect. As the "speaker of the living," Sue carried around a large green book similar to her sister's, as well as a large purple flower. This was known as the "flower of Rejuvenation," and could apparently bring the dead back to life. Sue dressed in awful flouncy dresses in "natural" colors, and wore highly impractical shoes.


"Sweet and kind, Sue was the nicest girl you'd ever meet." Repetition included, this seems to be the only way Sue is ever described. Later confessions by her author revealed her to also be a spoiled brat who thought she deserved the world. In other worlds, a classic 'Sue.


Sue was killed by Agent Martin Carlini when she would not stop harassing her author. Though said author had tried to write Sue out of the story, or at least fire her from the position of main character, the girl kept coming back, and anamia was eventually forced to resort to desperate measures. She contacted the PPC and asked for a team of assassins to deal with the pesky 'Sue, giving them special permission in writing to tamper with canon. The Flowers were wary, but anamia promised to pay them a great deal, and they eventually relented. The money has not yet arrived, and the Flowers are starting to get suspicious.

Sue was impaled with a titanium feather duster and confined to Death by her twin, who was promptly recruited (though a copy of her remained in canon to stop it from being totally warped). The mission has not yet been released.

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