"Suedom" is a long-running, popular series written by former PPC Boarders Andy and Saphie, hosted on LotR Fanfiction and formerly on Miss Cam's website. It explores how the characters of Middle-earth would realistically react to the notion of Mary Sues invading their beloved world. Despite a high chapter count, it remains unfinished.

Plot Summary Edit

From Miss Cam's website:


Why, hullo. How lovely you doth be!

A mysterious object, known only as the "Bridge," is taking bad Lord of the Rings fanfic, particularly Mary-Sues, off of the internet and affecting Middle-earth's reality.
Middle-earth is in pieces! Chaos reigns!
Enter Kate and Kira, two internet buddies who get sucked into Middle-earth as unwilling Mary-Sues. Their only wish: To get the hell home. But they can't do that yet, because they're not the only ones being pulled into Middle-earth as Mary-Sues. Other random girls are being turned into the perfect, big-breasted, tiny-waisted female characters, and being brainwashed to think they are those characters. The Bridge is pulling them in.
Enter the PPC. The Protectors of the Plot Continuum patrol Middle-earth in disguise, killing the Sues and protecting the Canon. They're the good guys (sort of). What they don't know is that they're killing innocent people, brainwashed and trapped in the Sues' bodies.

Hammer and tongs! More of them?

Now Kate and Kira, the only Sues strong enough to resist the will of the Authors, are Middle-earth's last hope. With the help of Gimli and Éowyn (the only characters that can resist the Mary Sues' mind-numbing influence), and guided (often into ditches and off cliffs) by the tortured, semi-evil writer of the very first Mary-Sue (who, incidentally, is trapped in the form of an urple dragon), the girls must find the Bridge and destroy it.
All while avoiding being snogged to death by lovesick characters, saving other Mary-Sues, fighting other Mary-Sues who want to stay Sued, and surviving random encounters with the recruits of the PPC.
And of course, while avoiding the most deadly assassins of all, Jay and Acacia themselves. Can they save the Canon, or are they target practice?

Cameos Edit

"Suedom" features cameos from many BNFs in the Canon Protection Initiative, including Acacia Byrd, Jay Thorntree, Greyladybast, and several members of OFUM and HFA.

Links Edit


Fear not! For I shall call my flying unicorn to aid us!

"Suedom" can be found in one of two places:

  • Miss Cam's site (via Wayback Machine) contains original chapters 1-27, with the final link pointing to LotR Fanfiction, where the story continues.
  • LotR Fanfiction (via Wayback Machine) does not include the original chapters 21-23 concerning a jaunt to HFA, since the authoresses decided they disrupted the flow of the story. To make things even more complicated, chapters 18-20 are merged into a single chapter 18.

It once had its own site, but it was lost with the death of GeoCities. It has been partially archived on Oocities and the Wayback Machine.

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