The Sue Support Group is a moral support group for ex-Sue and Stu agents founded by Agents Meneltari and Alec Troven. Meetings take place in "a quiet corner of Headquarters." The main purpose of the group is to keep their Suvian tendencies in check, but the acceptance and understanding of fellow reformed Suvians tends to be at least as welcome to most members.

A rough draft of the SSG's pledge reads as follows:

I comma square bracket ex hyphen Sue recruit's name square bracket comma do solemnly swear never to use any powers I may have as a result of my Suvian heritage for nefarious purposes semicolon that is comma I will not use them to further my own glory at the expense of canon comma nor to inflict harm upon undeserving agents slash partners parenthesis that means MY partner parenthesis comma nor to circumvent policies of the Canon Protection Initiative full stop. I swear that I will uphold PPC ethics and guidelines to the best of my ability comma and will use this comma the PPC Sue Support Group comma to recover from and learn to control my Suvian tendencies comma rather than to encourage them full stop. I will also bring munchies to the meetings comma on rotation as decided by the group leaders full stop.

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