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Sue reports are communities or blogs (mostly LiveJournal comms) whose objective is to find atrocious Mary Sues and mock them. Marysues was the original Mary Sue report, but the journal was so overrun with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter Sues that shortly thereafter Pottersues was born, as was the community Deleterius. The latter was formed by a former PPC Boarder, Tviokh, and it is there that Mary Sue vs. the PPC is archived. Many PPC'd Sues have come to our attention via Sue reports.


There are two parts to most Sue reports. The first is a brief Sue profile, describing the Mary Sue and how she violates canon. Standard profiles include, but are not limited to:

  • Name
  • Fandom:
  • Hair:
  • Eyes:
  • Possessions:
  • Lust Object(s):
  • Origin:
  • The "Plot":

The second part involves posting a few brief excerpts of the story and then inserting cutting comments in between the worst of it. When a fanfic has been featured on a Sue report, it is often referred to as having been sporked.


Not all have taken to being reported with equanimity. There exist in the report archives several animated debates between Suethors and canon defenders. Many such examples can be found here. Often, a Suethor will become so upset at being sporked that she will bring her friends to defend her shoddy writing—or, more immature still, resort to sockpuppetry (i.e. masquerading as multiple online personae in order to respond more vocally to criticism). This, of course, is even more entertaining than the actual Sue report, and when it happens, sporkers react with amusement and biting retorts.

PPC Badfic Reports[]

PPC Badfic Reports are a spiritual successor to Sue Reports, but covering all types of badfic. They can be used by PPCers without Permission to share and analyse badfics, and contribute PPC-related narrative.

The full list of Badfic Reports can be found here.