Following discussion of the Scientific Theory of Suvian Origins and The Suvian Proteome on the Board, the subject of Sue Latin names was raised. Several competing, but possibly compatible, systems have been suggested.

Starwind Rohana tells us that:

Puella perfectus would be the genus (or general classification).

Puella perfectus ancilla or Puella perfectus servus for any 'Sues who at some point end up enslaved and/or serving someone else. Includes being locked in a tower/unhappy marriage/ et cetera.

Puella perfectus iratus. You can guess this one ... it's Angry!Sue. The one who flies off the handle at the drop of a hat. Alternately Puella perfectus gladius, for Warrior!Sue.

The Trojanhorse says:

Modern Sues, regardless of resemblance to any one canon species, seem to come in two main varieties based on the usual constant description of any Sue's looks.

Sues that are flawless and perfect are genus Perficipulchrituda. These are further divided into: sickly sweet (Perficipulchrituda mellis); highly intelligent and liberated (Perficipulchrituda libertas); and evil (Perficipulchrituda messor).

Sues that are described very carefully as not being attractive, or are very emphatically 'normal' and 'ordinary' would be genus Infidimediocris. Those that are nevertheless beautiful to canons would be Infidimediocris pulchrituda; those who are highly intelligent and liberated (and usually have anger problems) would be Infidimediocris aggressor.

Anjilly adds:

Now then, right now I'm thinking of two types of Sues -- Modern-girl-falls-into-fandom Sue, and Native-to-fandom Sue.

Modern girl Sue could be called Recensviatormundorum, which, literally translated, means "Modern traveler of the worlds," with recens meaning "modern", viator meaning "traveler", and mundorum as the genitive plural of mundus, meaning "the world". Likewise, if we drop the "recens" part, leaving only "Viatormundorum", we have simply "Traveler of the worlds", which could be taken to mean a crossover Sue or something.

Meanwhile, native Sue could be called Indigenamundus, meaning, literally, "Native of the world". Not so imaginative, but it should suffice--unless, of course, there are suggestions for improvement.

I'm thinking these two--or three--should be a type of kingdom or phylum or some larger grouping in the taxonomy chain. So, an Indigenamundus perfipulchrituda mellis would be a modern dimension-crossing drop-dead gorgeous sickly-sweet Sue.

Oh, one last thing--I think that "messor" means "reaper". As in harvest time. A better word for evil would be malus (masculine form), mala (fem. form), or malum (neuter).

(to be continued ...)

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