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Sue blood is the blood of a Mary Sue. It tends to be glittery, and is often pink instead of red. Under microscopic examination, the DMSE&R found Sue blood cells to look like Cute Animal Friends. In particularly bad cases, Sue blood may be composed entirely of glitter.

If a Sue gets a cut and bleeds while a fic is playing out, the agents will see the blood sparkle, though the canon characters won't.

Being exposed to Sue blood may lead to an agent being Sued, but generally just results in being messy, sticky, and in desperate need of a shower. Sue blood, especially once it has congealed, is very difficult to remove from skin or clothing and will easily stain just about any surface. It is particularly difficult to remove from Generic Surface.

Agents who have been exposed to large quantities of Sue blood for long periods of time may be put under observation in Medical, at least until the staining on their skin is gone.

Some agents (often vampire agents) drink Sue blood in the form of Water.