Is Legolas sweat-dropping? Did Snape just sprout stress marks? You've probably got a case of Sue-Influenced Localized Anime Syndrome, or SILAS, on your hands.

SILAS is a form of Suefluence that stems from the carrier Sue's love of anime and/or manga. Carrier Sues are also likely to shout things like "Kawaii desu ne~~1!" at the top of their lungs and insist on being called Neko-chan or some such, even if the story takes place in Middle-earth or some other canon in which Japan does not exist. In the presence of these Sues, otherwise realistic characters will start to emote like someone straight out of Fullmetal Alchemist. Generally, the effects of SILAS only dissipate after the carrier Sue is removed from the story.

At least one case of SILAS was observed in Agent Earwig after he was exposed to "a horrible urple light with bleen sparkles in it" during the course of a mission. He was wearing sunglasses at the time, fortunately, or it is likely that full Sueification would have resulted. In his case, it wore off naturally, since the Sue was not actively causing the effect.

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