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Agent Stevius is an uncanonical Narnian Faun, the illegitimate son of Mr Tumnus and a Dryad whose Suethor had disturbing designs on James McAvoy. Following his mother's assassination and his father's neuralyzation, Stevius was raised by sympathetic Fauns in Narnia until he was deemed old enough to join the DMS and wreak havoc on his mother's kind. Having satisfied his bloodlust, for the time being at least, he has turned his attention to ensuring his embarrassing parentage is never inflicted on anyone else. He has thus joined the Department of Character Protective Services so that he can ensure that the actor who played his father keeps it in his trousers. Since being introduced to the concept of assbabies, he has come to realise this may be a somewhat more daunting task than hitherto suspected.

As is usual with Fauns, Stevius is a keen dancer and panpiper, and will seize any opportunity to do either around the corridors of HQ. Being a Faun and therefore anatomically at least 'half a goat', Stevius is somewhat bemused by human sexuality, especially some of the more creative aspects of it. Given what ficcers tend to make the actors of the Narnia films do, it is to be hoped that he'll learn quickly. His partner, Agent Veridian Green, should be most educational in this respect.


  • Recruited December 15, 2005.
  • August 2008 HST: transferred to the DCPS and partnered with Veridian Green.

Mission Logs[]

Home: Response Centre #45

Partnered with 'Ridian[]

  • Third Mission: 'First Time' (Real Person Fic)
    • In which both 'Ridian and Stevius fail to understand why the virginal Skandar Keynes is so desperate to be anally penetrated.