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Steve Holmes is a PPC agent formerly written by IndeMaat. He has known to have taken on five missions in the MacGyver fandom, only two of which were Sue missions.The other three concerned returning a self-insert to her living room, talking an original character out of out of character behavior, and putting an end to out of character behavior by two canon characters. He also appeared in a Lord of the Rings/Discworld crossover in the Original Series.

Steve's most notable characteristic is that his hair color and style changes every mission.

He was an Agent in the Department of Godplayers in the days of Jay and Acacia, but is now in the DMS, Sub-Department of Rare Fandoms.

Steve was partnered with Tessa until she went insane; after that, he was partnered with Allison Carter.

Mission Logs[]

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Partnered with Allison Carter[]