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Stephanie Podd is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues, and Chakkik's second partner. She is written by Voyd.

Agent Profile[]


Stephanie is 11 feet tall, with eight octopus arms for legs and two squid tentacles (each one 22 feet in length) poking out from them. While she's capable of changing her colors at will, her lower body is normally red, while her skin, eyes and hair are pink by default. She has W-shaped pupils, like a cuttlefish. These eyes are actually colorblind, so it's unclear how she can match colors so precisely.


Stephanie is highly affectionate, and she's prone to hugging nearby agents (usually her partner) at the slightest provocation. She's also fairly childish; if others react violently or fearfully to her, she backs away and starts crying.

She tends to alternate between active and drowsy phases. At the start of a drowsy phase, she grabs the nearest person to her and falls asleep, with the target as her teddy bear.

She hails from her universe's version of Norway, and has a slight Norwegian accent.

As of her second mission, Stephanie has gained a rather special fondness for DIC agent Cupid Carmine. They are currently in a relationship that (at least for Steph) is growing stronger every day.

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