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Stephanie Fielding came to the PPC in November 2008.

Character Profile[]


Stephanie was born in a LOTR Suefic under the name of Elphara; her mother was a Sue by the name of Galindë, and her father was Faramir son of Denethor, the fic being set some years before the War of the Ring. The Suethor responsible (whom the agents had already concluded was also obsessed with the Wizard of Oz spinoff, Wicked) had decided that Minas Tirith was a veritable hotbed of intrigue, leading to "Elphara" being marked for assassination for some unknown reason by the time she was two years old.

Fortunately, before the assassins could get to her, the Assassins - Cara Fielding and William Marshall - dealt with Galindë and rescued her, though not without some reservations on William's part. Cara, feeling responsible for her, renamed and formally adopted her once they were back in HQ. A few days later, charmed by the little girl, William relented and allowed Cara to register him as Stephanie's uncle. Since then, she has remained in the Nursery.


Stephanie is an appealing-looking little girl, with long, wavy brown hair, green eyes and a huge smile. She wears a woven red bracelet, charmed by William to be unbreakable. Like Cara, she is fond of the colour red.


She is a lively, bouncy child with a naturally sunny attitude, and is very affectionate. She has the energy of what seems like four children, and makes friends easily. She's one of those children who can wrap just about any adult around her little finger, given enough time.


Having been adopted by Cara, Stephanie quickly became fond of Moira, her mother's mini-Balrog, and she gained a healthy respect for fire through this association.