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"Starkit's Prophecy" is a very bad Warriors fanfiction. It stars the Mary Sue Starkit, later StarGleam and then GleamStar. She is a cat with purple fur and rainbow eyes, the daughter of Jayfeather and an OC called Dawnsparkle, and is subject of a prophecy that states that she will rid the forest of the evil tiger and holly. She's also an extremely obvious self-insert.

And no, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's worse. The spelling and grammar are atrocious, the plot is ridiculous, and StarGleam herself is a conservative Christian crusader (despite the Clans worshipping Starclan) who gets in a love pentahedron with Firestar, Blackstar, Ashfur, and Hawkfrost- but, once the author realizes herself to be lesbian, GleamStar drops them for a friend-insert called JazzSong and bears her kits. (According to the author's notes of the fic and its sequel, the real-life Jazzy reacted negatively to the author's confession, and they did not enter a relationship, unlike GleamStar and JazzSong.)

And that's just the beginning. Starkit dies and is reborn multiple times throughout the fic, and it ends with her turning all the Satanist cats good again in a burst of light while she cusses them out. This is unrealistic. The later chapters are hard to find online.


The Badfic[]

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