Star Trek: Enterprise (originally titled just Enterprise) first aired in 2001. It is a prequel to all other Trek series, being set in twenty-second century (2151), one hundred years prior to Kirk's time and about one hundred years after First Contact between Humans and Vulcans. The series largely revolves around "setting up" all the familiar features of the other series, including the technology and political foundations of the Federation. Predating Starfleet, the NX-Enterprise is the first Earth ship capable of reaching warp five, and therefore the first to leave Earth's solar system and truly explore space. The series was cancelled in 2005, after four seasons.

The first and second seasons contained mostly stand-alone episodes, without many strong story arcs. In the last two seasons this changed, with season 3 covering the Xindi threat, and season 4 being comprised of many two- or three-part stories which focused on Earth more than the other seasons.

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