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Spin-offs are all of the PPC stories that have followed in the wake of the Original Series. Generally, the spin-offs follow the same format as the Original Series, although new departments, Flowers, and agents have been created. In order to write a spin-off, one must obtain Permission.

It's often said in the mission logs that the PPC has a high turnover rate. This is truer than you might know. The sad fact is, one-fourth of all spin-off authors quit after a single mission, and two-thirds quit after three or fewer. Out of 122 series with active links, only twenty-one of them have five or more chapters, and only six have ten or more. So, a word to the wise... before making a PPC spin-off, make sure that you can stand a high measure of stress and/or psychological trauma! Or can at least finish PPC stories frequently.

Spin-offs and other PPC stories can be found on the Complete List of PPC Fiction.

The Earliest Spin-offs[]

In an author's note for chapter 13 of TOS, Jay compiled a list of PPC spin-offs that existed at the time. These eleven, all originally hosted on Fanfiction.net, are the first stories known to be directly inspired by Jay and Acacia.

  • "LotR: The Mary-Sue Menace" by Queen of the Damned - FFN ID: 715336 - Published: Apr 11, 2002 - archived
  • "Freedom's Just Another Word . . ." by Black Katana - FFN ID: 627968 - Published: Feb 27, 2002 - archived
  • "The Floater" by NytBloomer - FFN ID: 699353 - Published: Apr 3, 2002
  • "Intelligence Briefs for the PPC" by Architeuthis - FFN ID: 642406 - rehosted
  • "PPC: The long, painful day of Anna Maria" by kezya - FFN ID: 697658 - lost (no capture exists)