Spencer Black is the son of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. He was rescued from an RPS Mpreg by agents Trojie and Pads. As he'd only been lodged somewhere in Federer's gut for a couple of months at the time of debugging, he needed to be put into a real woman to be carried to term. The only real woman (and we use the term loosely) present and willing (and we use that term loosely as well) at the time was Pads, much to the glee of her partner.

Spencer was born prematurely in a Potterverse Mpreg in December 2008, thanks to the slashthor's insistence that Sirius Black give birth; Pads technically being an AU Sirius caused her to be susceptible to the author's malign influence in this regard, and so Spencer was delivered, with Trojie acting as midwife, in the fic.

Prior to Spencer's birth, Pads decided to adopt him, and named him after the first winner of the gentlemen's Wimbledon title in 1877. However, as a Bad Slasher's RC is no place for an infant, he is currently in the care of the Nursery. Despite his mock-worthy origins, he is unlikely to receive any flak for being an assbaby from the other residents of the Nursery, as his adoptive sister Marsha is fully capable of looking out for him. He has a half-twin, Andy.

According to the fic he was spawned in, Spencer is sponsored by Nike. It seems likely that, given his ancestry, Spencer will at least have the potential to be good at tennis. Of course, the Narrative Laws of Comedy might have something to say about that...

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