Agent South, alias Sorlandet, is the second oldest (or youngest, whatever) member of the Infernal Trio. He was born in 1927. His nickname comes from the fact that he was named after the most southern region of his home country.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

South is the smallest of the Trio at only 5'5". He has blond, mid-short hair and blue eyes. He wears a vest with buttons instead of a zipper and relatively plain-looking trousers.

Personality Edit

South is rather easygoing and usually laughs at his brother's bad jokes. He himself has a very dark and dry sense of humor and tends to rub people's shit in their faces, especially when pissed off. He also like to banter with his brother about his size and vice versa. South likes faking a US Southern accent when speaking English.

Agent History Edit

As a Tall Ship Edit

South was built in 1927 as a school ship and given the name Sorlandet, from the most southern region of Norway. During WW2, he successively was dragged to the most northern part of the country, served as a prison ship, was sunk by a Russian bombing (did a pilot drink too much Bleepka?), and was repaired and dragged back to his home port to house submariners. After the war, he took back his function as a school ship, which he still is today.

As an Android Edit

South was downloaded to an android body in early 2009 and decided to join the PPC right afterwards. It wasn't actually his idea, but didn't see anything against it, so he went along with it.

In the PPC Edit

South's interests are more in fantasy book continua, like Discworld and the Vlad Taltos series. His main hot buttons are bad spelling and grammar, and bad humor. He joined the Department of Floaters along with the rest of the Trio.

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