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You may be looking for the Bleeprin cocktail.

A sonic screwdriver is a handy gadget from the Whoniverse. Screwdriving is only one of its many functions. Others include (but are not limited to) igniting methane, picking electronic locks, detecting antimatter, and minor deus ex machina-ing. There are several other known models in canon, among them being pen, lipstick, cane, and sunglasses. Laser screwdrivers are a more advanced type of technology, but function very similarly to sonic devices.

Agents known to possess a sonic device are Makes-Things, the Disentangler (although the Disentangler recently lost her sonic red pen to Eledhwen Elerossiel in a game of poker [in which Eledhwen cheated by counting cards, but never you mind]. However, she replaced it afterwards with a sonic wand found during a Doctor Who and Harry Potter crossover), the Aviator, and Alex Dives.

The Guardsman is known to use a laser screwdriver, and is rather fond of it.

Sues have a special fondness for an uncanon, yet similar, device called a laser spanner. These make for good trophies and are often very shiny, though they tend to not last very long.