Somariel is a recently recruited agent from World One.


She is about 5'7", with long, red-blonde hair normally worn in a ponytail. She has greenish hazel eyes that are usually seen behind a pair of glasses. She's most often seen wearing dark jeans and a comfy T-shirt, possibly with her favorite sweatshirt. Around the response center, she's usually found wearing slippers, which are changed for sneakers when she has to leave the RC.


Somariel tends to be a rather quiet person, only entering ongoing conversations if she feels she has something useful to contribute. In spite of this, she will sometimes come out with some completely random thought she just had. A confirmed introvert, she finds being around other people for extended periods of time to be tiring and generally needs a few hours of "alone time" every day to stay sane. She's a voracious reader and a good artist, although she honestly can still see lots of room for improvement in her artwork. As a result of Asperger Syndrome, she has trouble reading social cues.


Born in World One, until her eighteenth birthday, Somariel's life was fairly normal for someone on the upper end of the gifted and talented spectrum. On her eighteenth birthday, a walk to the end of the street proved that the shortness of breath she had been experiencing for the past month was caused by something other than lack of exercise. Within six months, Somariel was either using oxygen or using a wheelchair whenever she left the house. The doctors had eventually given a diagnosis of an autoimmune lung condition called constrictive bronchiolitis and started heavy immunosuppressive treatments the stabilized her lung function at eighteen percent of normal.

Somariel learned to cope with the condition, eventually going to college for three years with help of a mobility scooter. At the end of her third year of college, she realized that she needed to rethink her life goals and decided to take some time off from college. On the way back from a bookstore trip during this time off, Somariel and her scooter fell through a plothole into Headquarters as the result of a particularly bad bump. Upon learning the purpose of the PPC, she expressed a desire to join if someone could come up with a method to overcome her physical limitations so she could go on missions. After some experimenting, Medical devised an inhaler of atomized bacta from the Star Wars continuum that would temporarily return her to full lung function. Upon achieving competency with a bow and arrows, she was given some preliminary training and assigned to Response Center #10145 as the partner of Agent Mira.


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