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The Slaver Sunflower, a member of a sunlight-focusing species used for security by the Thrintun in Known Space, is the Head of the Department of Dead Author Electricity Generation. It may or may not have been chosen for the position because it is silver. It was Awakened in 2000 by the Board of Department Heads, who moved a plothole to Origin to the Committee Room – once the office of the Sunflower Official and then the Mysterious Somebody – for the purpose of bringing assorted plants to life.

Possible Future[]

In the Sundering Alternate Multiverse, the Slaver Sunflower was aligned with the Department of Efficiency. The DoDAEG central power chamber was situated at the center of the Efficient-controlled portion of HQ, which gave the Efficients an advantage in the battle against the remaining PPC loyalists. However, all of the power chambers were obliterated when the Rhododendron sacrificed himself in order to destroy DoDAEG. The Slaver Sunflower was killed in the explosion, which also collapsed the shields protecting and stabilizing HQ.

The Slaver Sunflower of the Sundering Alternate Multiverse saw the PPC loyalists as villainous and foolish, feeling that they were destined to fall to the Efficients because of their mistakes. This indicates that he was a powerful voice of support for the Efficients' cause, a possibility bolstered by the fact that he was known to have been in direct contact with the Foxglove, the leader of the former Department of Efficiency.