Sive Arton is a PPC agent in the Department of Mary Sues. There, she works in the Tamora Pierce Division with her newly recruited partner, Agent Eesa. They receive their missions in RC #4357. Both agents are written by Cinnia Aine.


Sive originally lived in Phoenix, Arizona until she graduated from high school. Her hair is a straight bleached blonde and her skin is a light tan from all the sun she took in for eighteen years, although that tan is fading after months of staying indoors. Sive's eyes are a dark hazel. She is tall for her age and has a slightly muscular build, which she owes to the amount of swimming she participated in back home.


Sive has a rather strange personality, but she has a rather relaxed outlook on life, to the point that she is careless, reckless, and hopelessly messy. She is very optimistic when she gets enough undisturbed rest and she is always bordering on insanity. Sive is clumsy, but she has managed this problem well enough to survive missions fairly unscathed.


After seeing so many Mary Sues in Tortall fanfiction, Sive decided to join the PPC. She kept out of the way of everyone else by working mostly on little missions. That is, until she found that there were too many Sues to take care of on her own. Sive requested a new partner and was assigned Eesa. So far, there have been no missions from the both of them.


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