Singsong Jacobs is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Anjilly.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Singsong is of average height and sports a head of brown hair that tends to get messed up and frizzy. Her brown eyes are normally found to be glazed over, as a result of her sugar addiction.

Personality Edit

As a sugar addict, Singsong's moods are in constant flux. One moment she may be in a cheery mood, only to be found surly and snappish a minute later. She also tends to have random bouts of cluelessness.

The withdrawal of sugar from her system seems to cause Singsong to calm down and maintain a uniform mood. However, seeing as she's hardly ever seen without some form of candy in either her hand or her mouth, any hopes of a calm Singsong are terribly slim.

Agent History Edit

Singsong was recruited to the PPC in fall 2007, HST. She was originally partnered with Dazey Baker in the Department of Floaters. None of their missions have been released. Dazey and Singsong worked together until late March 2008, HST, when Dazey snapped in action during a particularly nasty Suefic.

Singsong is now partnered with Joyce Odelia Reesin, an ex-Mary Sue recruited by Agents Anjilly Ka and Brenden Sanderson.

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Partnered with Joyce Odelia Reesin Edit

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