The Simulation Generator, or SimGen, is a machine consisting of small, usually black box which opens to reveal a mirror and a panel with two buttons. You flash the mirror at the character—it must catch their reflection—and press in the sequence of buttons that will allow it to project an exact image of him or her. Get the canon character to safety and command the simulation to take its place. Whatever bad thing was to happen to the character will appear to happen to the simulation. When the scene is over, merely command the SimGen to recall the simulation.

The SimGen is used only as a last resort because, like all of PPC's technology, it tends to develop sentience after a while, making things rather less than pleasant for the simulations it produces. Once, the simulation of an often-abused character escaped and tried to take the canon's place in the continuum, causing a lot of hassle. Since that time, the Flowers have created severe rules regarding the use of this device. Agents are allowed to use SimGens only with the express permission of the Flowers. They are kept in the DoSAT while not in use, and subject to thorough examination by the technicians there after every use.

A SimGen was used in the rescue/recruitment of Agents Stormsong and Skyfire. It worked perfectly, but was stolen and destroyed by the Nighthunt vermin. Because of this, they are not trusted with the SimGens, and had to ask Naomi to ask DoSAT for one in the rescue of Cheri.

The persocom was an early version of the Simulation Generator. It was used to rescue some of the members of Team Phoenix.

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