Shiro Turbo is an agent currently under training. He’s an Alternate Universe version of retired agent Sergio Turbo, and a reformed Gary Stu.

He is written by Boarder!Sergio Turbo.

Appearance Edit

As could be expected, he looks like a younger version of Sergio, being roughly the same lean build but somewhat shorter at about 170 cm (5'7"). He is expected to grow up to be the same height as his older alternate self, though.

He has an habit of wearing a black cloak over his clothes, just as he did during his Stu days, and despite his friends' attempts at making him wear something more practical he isn't desisting.

Personality Edit

According to his alternate self, he acts pretty much like Sergio Turbo did around his age - quite unsurprising, considering they were written by the same person at around the same time.

As such, he tends to think less and struggles to keep his impulsivity in check. He still does his best to try to keep his reckless tendencies in check, though - mostly because if he didn’t, then there would be no one around to keep the even more reckless Saki under control.

However, his different life history, and the fact that Sergio and Nikki are basically keeping an eye on him and Saki, will likely cause him to end up having a different personality from the other Turbo.

Partners and FamilyEdit

His partner is Saki Cherryflower, and Shiro appears to have a crush on her. A betting pool on whether they’ll take less time to hook up than Sergio and Nikki or not is apparently already underway in HQ.

They both have found some sort of parent or elder sibling figures in Sergio and Nikki - outside HQ, Shiro is Sergio’s younger brother on paper. Corolla, obviously, treats him as a nephew of sorts.

He seems to get along with Keiko, meaning they have overcome the awkwardness of Keiko being his alternate self’s daughter despite being older than him.

Mission Reports Edit

Recruitment Edit

2034 HST

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