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The shipverse is an AU version of the PPC characterized by a total lack of sexual inhibitions—the shipping in question can best be described as Everyone/Everyone Else. Not surprisingly, it is Agent Luxury's home continuum.

One of the, er, less talked-about AUs of the PPC is the one sometimes called the shipverse. This is nothing to do with supertankers or container-loads of parallel imported fragrances, oh no. The shipverse is the AU of the PPC where pheromones are more common than oxygen, and any simple stroll through the corridors usually turns into a six person orgy with feathers, latex costumes and interesting wind-up clockwork devices. Agents in the shipverse are friendly to the point of not understanding personal space, and in favour of free love. Free love, free-range love, and free-for-all love, in point of fact. These things are not common in the Prime Multiverse of the PPC, where Agents generally refrain from any kind of physical contact. The shipverse and the Prime Multiverse don't generally interact, although tales of each have filtered through to the other, generally labelled 'Very Odd'.
—'Luxury's Backstory'