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Shamrock Alsike is a squirrel Faunus from the world of RWBY. She was fighting a Grimm when her Semblance caused her to literally rip a plothole in the fabric of existence and fall through into HQ, where she was partnered with Randa.


Shamrock has nut-brown skin, shiny brown eyes, and hair the color of a red squirrel's fur, which is fitting, because it matches the fur of her tail. She is a short, slender girl who usually keeps her hair in two very long pigtails that almost reach the ground. As a squirrel Faunus, she often acts like ADHD personified, which manifests in her Semblance; the longer she builds up momentum, the harder it is for anything to get her to stop. This allows her to swing her gold and silver axe, Schmerzweimel, with massive power that almost nothing can withstand. Due to the potentially Suvian nature of this power, Shamrock wears a Sue tracker that doubles as a power inhibitor on her wrist; nobody needs a literal juggernaut on Bad Slash missions.

Her clothes usually consist of a green combat skirt with wrist braces, black leggings, and black boots. She keeps her hair tied back with green or gold ribbons, and a phial of emergency Dust on a chain around her neck.


Shamrock is very twitchy and can never seem to sit still. She's always fiddling with something, be it her hair, her clothes, or something she found in her pockets or on the ground. If she's not fiddling, she's probably fidgeting or pacing. She's a very lighthearted individual who likes to laugh and make friends, and is a veritable social butterfly. Her favorite food is nuts, and, as she likes to say, "You are what you eat!" Despite her alleged insanity, though, she might very well be the sane one compared to her partner.

Because of her general inability to sit still, Shamrock can't stand reading and prefers to listen to books on tape, if at all. Anime, movies, and video games are her go-to for entertainment as a result.


April 2015[]

  • Is partnered with Randa.

December 2015[]

  • Turns 17.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Randa[]

  1. "Neverfree From Working" (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) (cameo)
  2. "Back Where We Began" (interlude), with the Aviator and Zeb (DMS)