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Shadow is a new agent partnered with Agent Manx. They are written by insanegrrl.

Agent Profile[]


Agent Shadow is of average to tall height, with very short black hair and dark brown eyes. She is South Korean, wears glasses, and is overall an extreme nerd.


She's sane, mostly, on first appearance, but in her sleep she is known to whimper "That's bloody physically impossible! It can't fit in there!" Her lust object is the random guy who died, you know, in that scene in RotK? The one who got that thing stuck in him, that... oh, whatever. Shadow does, however, have a strong admiring love for Aragorn. She also mildly admires Sam, in a quiet, purely platonic way. Her favorite fandoms are Maximum Ride and Lord of the Rings.

The two agents have an interesting system to combat each other's sanity/insanity. When Manx goes berserk, Shadow becomes rational. When Manx is calm, Shadow starts saying "Mister Jelly! Mister Jelly!" and sings the Hedgehog Song. Her going berserk is quite less scary than Manx's, but still vicious. Her insanity is attributed to a lack of Bleepka when she attempted to read the entire Cluny fic in That Series in one go, right after the fic "Celebrian" two days before. Needless to say, most of her brain shriveled up and died at that point.


Shadow was recruited mid-2007 from the Real World.

Manx and Shadow have tackled three Sues so far: Marimtudada, a LotR x Harry Potter crossover Sue; Vearanniel, a Tenth Walker Sue from New York; and Rosebay Willowherb, a vixen Sue from Redwall. Though their first mission passed without incident, their second mission was extremely traumatic, since Manx was captured and almost killed by the Sue and her Sue-ified minions. She was rescued by Shadow and a large group of volunteer agents. The team have also tackled the Cluny Fic from That Series.

Uskarat is Shadow's mini-Deepcoiler, adopted from the Official Fanfiction University of Redwall.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RC 1427: The Realm of Manx and Shadow

Partnered with Manx[]