The See-Through Device is a piece of PPC technology invented by Makes-Things to allow agents to see into spaces where they otherwise could not. The device is useful for observing Mary Sues and OCs in situations where actually entering the room would mean being detected. There appear to be two models.

The original model is innocuously square-shaped and remote-like, and has at least two colorful buttons on it.[1] To use it, one pushes the buttons and points it at an obstacle, such as a door or a wall.[1] A space roughly the size of a TV screen[2] will seem to shimmer and melt away, leaving behind a transparent space.[1]

The second model looks like a View-Master® (don't confuse it with a field-model Memory Implant Device!) and works by holding it up to your eyes, looking at an obstacle, and clicking the lever-like button on the side.[3]

The area that the See-Through affects only becomes invisible, not intangible.[1] It is equipped with its own SEP field, so that the transparency it creates is hard to notice unless you know the device is in operation, and the effect only works one way, so that a wall is transparent from one side but not the other (like a one-way mirror).[1]

See-Through Devices are not widely used because agents unable to directly observe canon-breaking events can still keep track of them by reading the Words. However, they may still be of use to agents who have trouble seeing the Words or don't read English well.[3]

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