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Security Dandelions are the protectors of PPC HQ from external attacks. They are members of the Department of External Security, commonly known as the Weeds, and their leader is Captain Dandy. They also act as bodyguards for Department Heads. There are around one hundred Dandelions working for the PPC, give or take a few.

Some Flowers in the League of Mary Sue Factories, including the late Yarrow, also use Security Dandelions as bodyguards, indicating that the Dandelions in the DES are not the only ones from Origin. Dandelions have been mentioned to have been the most numerous Flower species on Origin. All of the Security Dandelions in the DES are Firstborn, having Awakened together with Captain Dandy.

The Dandelions also have the dubious honour of forming part of the Gender and Flowers controversy. Uniquely among the species of Flower, they have distinct male-female differences. Specifically, the females have seed-heads (dandelion clocks) while the males bear yellow flowers.

Security Dandelions are also present in the EPC, where they presumably work in the still-extant Department of Internal Security.