Sean Brock is a Gary Stu created by Tim Shannon and featured in one story in Voyagers! fandom. He was assassinated by Agent Allison Carter.

Character HistoryEdit

The story "Return to the Cosmos" tells, in first person, the history of Sean Brock as a Voyager. Brock tells of his recruitment and training. He has no fellow students. One day he is called into the office of the director and he learns that most Voyagers have disappeared. The renegade Voyager, Drake, has made them all disappear in time. The first to disappear were Voyagers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones. Brock is fitted with an experimental omni under his skin and sets to the task of finding Bogg and Jones as they are the only ones that can beat Drake.

Brock finds Jones and learns that Bogg has died. He takes Jones to Headquarters where a confrontation with Drake follows. With the help of his near sentient omni, Brock manages to bend the laws of time. He meets up with Bogg before his death and transports him to Headquarters. While Bogg fights with Drake's army, Brock sets his plan to rescue the other Voyagers in motion.

Character DemiseEdit

Agent Allison decides not to confront Brock with his crimes in a room filled with canon characters. She manages to abduct him to another fictional location, outside of his story. Brock was charged with being a Mary Sue, or Gary Sue, with not keeping his plot consistent, gratuitous tense shifts, and making the charging agent fall into a swamp.


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