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A scriptfic is a style of fanfiction in which the story is written in a script format. Chatfic, a sub-genre, is written in the style of a chat room or IM conversation between canon characters. Scriptfics may simply be transcripts from online role-plays, usually chatplays.

Scriptfic is often, but not always, badfic. The format of a scriptfic is generally very simple, including only dialogue, actions, and short descriptions of settings. This makes it quick and easy to put words on the page (hence its attraction), but difficult to do well; that is, in a way that creates an engaging plot with three-dimensional characters. Goodfic in script format is not completely unknown, however, and generally takes the form of scripts for new or AU episodes of a TV series or movie. Scripts for AUs or sequels to plays in continua like Les Misérables, Wicked, or Sweeney Todd also have a higher chance of being goodfic.

One example of script-style writing done well is the trailer for the A/V Division's missions. Note that the actual missions are not in script format.

Working in Scriptfic[]

Agents doing missions in scriptfic tend to pick up the formatting of the script, forcing agents to talk in script format. There are three possible responses:

  • Allow the script format to continue. This can be very uncomfortable for agents, but does not outright prevent them from completing their mission.
  • If the agents' CAD has the required function (Combined CADs are known to have it, among others), it can be used to revert them back to normal formatting. The mission can be completed as usual.
  • The remote activator can be set to transport agents outside the script format, but not outside the mission. This puts them into an MST-style movie theater. Recommended for bad parody or other cases in which the author's influence must be exorcised from the continuum and not just one or two individuals. Exorcisms can be conducted as usual, aimed at the movie screen.

Example Missions to Scriptfic[]