Scientists work in either the Department of Analytical Science or the Medical Department's Medical Research Division. They may also have worked in the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research before it was transformed into a division of the DAS. Not all scientists are mad scientists, but many are.

Scientists in the DAS cover a range of disciplines from archaeology to biology to physics. While the Division of Suvian and Wraith Experiments and Research still experiment on Mary Sues, the aim of the department as a whole is to improve the overall state of scientific understanding in the PPC, theoretical as well as applied. With free range to explore any scientific question at will, DAS scientists are slightly madder than their practical counterparts in the MRD, but so far none of them have gone full-on cackling that we know of.

Scientists in the MRD are the ones who do such vital jobs as improving Bleep products and testing the drugs used by the Medical Department. Because HQ contains such a vast range of agent species, with more constantly being added, this is a never-ending task.

It is not uncommon for scientists to find themselves working for both the DAS and the MRD, as their numbers are very small—about 35-40[1][2] between the two as of 2008.

Known Scientists Edit

Department of Analytical Science Edit

  • Aleksei Annikov (DAS-DAMP)[3]
  • Alembic Deepwarren (DAS-VOID)[3]
  • Atlas (DAS-DIG)[3]
  • Durand (DAS-AWAY)[3]
  • Huinesoron (DAS-DIG)
  • Joan (DAS-AWAY)[3]
  • Laduquac (DAS-SQUEE)[3]
  • Lin Wei-ting (DAS-MAD)[3]
  • Mandy Singh (DAS-MAD)[3]
  • Sister Maria Celeste (DAS-DEFUSE)[3]
  • Ned (DAS-DEFUSE)[3]
  • Niamh Tran (DAS-SWEAR) - formerly of the DMSE&R
  • Norlossë (DAS-DAMP)[3]
  • Penny Smith (DAS-SQUEE) - formerly of the DMSE&R
  • Sunniva the Minglinger (DAS-VOID)[3]
  • Yasmeen Nejem (DAS-SWEAR)[3]
Formerly DMSE&R

These scientists may or may not have stayed on with DAS-SWEAR after the merger; it is not yet known.


Medical Research Division Edit


References Edit

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