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Saxo Cruore is a trainee, currently assigned to a pair of agents in the Department of Floaters. He is written by EileenAlphabet.


Saxo is a former Death Eater recruited from an extremely bad Harry Potter x Labyrinth crossover. In what could be considered a loving parody of some of the names in Harry Potter, 'Saxo Cruore' is an extremely dubious Google Translate from English to Latin of his original name.


In the original fic, he was described as having golden eyes and thin white hands. Building on this, he is now thin and pale, but quite good looking, since pretty much everyone in that fic was good looking. He has dark hair and is rather tall, about 1.80 meters.

His age is not stated, but he was already a Death Eater during the first downfall of Voldemort, which would mean that he was at least in his mid-thirties in the fifth year of Harry Potter, which was when the fic took place and he was recruited. This does not take into account the fact that the fic had a time distortion of about three years.

He is an unregistered Animagus and his animal shape is a snake.


In his native fic, he was described as being on the brink of insanity and with a penchant for killing, which made the agents think that he was the ideal recruit. These traits haven't come up since he joined the PPC, but they might still be lurking somewhere.

He has the classic traits of a Death Eater: haughty, obsessed with pure blood and full of disdain for anything not having to do with the Wizarding World.

He is of course very annoyed that he is partnered with an anthropomorphic fox and is constantly bickering with James.

He is also not happy with the fact that he so far hasn't been allowed to use his magic on missions, because it isn't canonical. He uses a sword, but is not very good at it and he is too proud to ask Mittens for lessons.

He was secretly very upset to learn that the pureblood family he was so proud to be a part of didn't actually exist. In fact, he is more shaken by this than by the fact that he himself didn't belong in the Harry Potter world.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RC 170


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