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Sara is an agent in the Department of Floaters partnered with Agent Zach. She is the proud owner of the mini-dragon Keepicheep.

Agent Profile[]

Sara's close-up


Agent Sara is more short than tall, with curly brown hair that is usually pulled back in a braid. Her eyes are green. Not emerald, not jade, not apple, not forest, not any other description. Green.


Sara is quiet but very short-tempered, often rushing into things before thinking them out and throwing shoes at people. During badfics she tends to block out the Words by listening to her iPod, and likes to PPC-ify nursery rhymes. She has a strange weakness for stale marshmallows, and is amused very easily. Her most cherished possession is a hardcover set of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels.


Sara fell into HQ through a plothole situated in a cupboard under her kitchen sink. She was persuaded to become an assassin, and after training was assigned to partner with Agent Zach Homewood. Due to Sara's laziness, only two of their missions are currently posted.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Following a Wandering Mind

Partnered with Zach Homewood[]