Sara discovered the PPC in early 2006. After lurking (well, stumbling) around the Board for a few months, she officially joined and created Agent Zach Homewood and Agent Sara Knight. Zach and Sara are willing to tag along with any lone agent in need of a temporary partner for a particularly bad 'fic.

Sara has a passion for dance and all things tea.

Other Stuff Edit

In the radio dramatizations of Huinesoron's PPC Playscripte, Sara voices Agent Alex Orange and some minor characters.

Sara is also the co-author of OFUMREDURE. Check it out here.

Missions Edit

Agents Zach, Sara, and July MSTed a bad poem here on March 10th, 2008.

A small 'fic caused many headaches and a new weapon was obtained here.

Moria was saved from noncanonical vampires here.

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