Not amused by all the Hobbitslash

Samwise Gamgee, or simply Sam, is one of the Hobbits in the Fellowship in The Lord of the Rings and briefly the bearer of the One Ring. He is Frodo Baggins' gardener and good friend. He was born in T.A. 2980 to Hamfast "The Gaffer" Gamgee and Bell Goodchild. Sam, who took the byname Gardner after his return from adventuring, married Rose Cotton and had thirteen children. Sam is noted for his honesty, loyalty, and plain speaking, but he is not stupid, a fact that is often ignored by Mary Sues.

Sam in BadficEdit

Sam is, fortunately, not one of the usual fangirl magnets, as is the case with Legolas, Aragorn, and Frodo. However, this means that when a Sue does appear, Sam, like Gimli, either tends to get bashed or fades into oblivion. Alternatively, he may fawn over the Sue or be in awe of her, while she condescendingly acts as if he is a cuddly little man-child.

He still gets the odd Sue to himself on occasion, but usually his being married in canon prevents that.

Additionally, Sam is prone to being characterized as gooey, sentimental, and homosexual in bad slash, since many fanfics interpret his friendship with Frodo as a romantic one. However, Frodo is usually the one who is made into the Canon Stu. This fanon got a lot of help from Ralph Bakshi, whose animated rendition of The Lord of the Rings makes Sam very friendly with his master on Weathertop.

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