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Saline is an agent from an original canon written by Ellipsis Flood.

Agent Profile[]


Saline comes from an abandoned, horribly OOC, and epically long story her author once deemed good. Years later, it was reexamined and promptly exiled from canon.

Saline, still being her observant self, noticed the world warping around her Sued ex-best friend, which led her to a plothole that dropped her right into HQ, where she was picked up by Agent Nathan.

Not really knowing where to put her, the Marquis dumped her with Nathan and Ellipsia.


Saline grew up in what could be called the capital of card-carrying villainy. Her mother sells mechanical parts to mad scientists and her father trains henchmen for supervillains.

While she left the city after her education was finished, she didn't do this because she disagreed with the resident morals, but purely because the whole "taking over the world" business seemed silly to her. Saline's alignment is best be described as not!evil.

Saline has always been rather independent of other people. She had her group of friends, but most people merely tolerated her and vice versa, which doesn't really bother her.

Her "badfic" origin also left traces, making her much more focused on sexual activities than she would be. Her interest in dead guys, however, is canon.


Saline's abilities branch into two directions: magic and technology.

On the magical side, she's a qualified summoner, while on the technical side, she can put together a simple death ray in a relatively short time.

Claimed Loot/Minis[]

  • A ten-year-old Harry Potter-sized snake.

Mission Reports[]

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Partnered with Nathan and Ellipsia[]

Partnered with Priyala[]