Saki Cherryflower is an agent currently under training. She is, in a way, an Alternate Universe version of retired agent Nikki Cherryflower, as they are both badfic clones of Sakura Kinomoto written by the same author.

At just twelve years old, she is one of the youngest Agents currently in field duty. It was, in fact, her own choice - after all her partner Shiro went through, she simply couldn’t stand him fighting alone again.

She is written by Boarder!Sergio Turbo.

Appearance Edit

As could be expected, she looks exactly like Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura, meaning she is about 158 cm (5'2") tall. She is still growing, though, and so she's expected to become roughly as tall as Nikki when she becomes older. Oddly enough, her voice has been noted as sounding like Carly McKillip's in the Cardcaptors american dub despite the fact that Saki comes from an Italian badfic (and so, presumably based on the Italian dub).

She currently hasn't figured out a way to make herself more easily distinguishable from the canon character, but is considering growing her hair longer.

Personality Edit

The rule for anyone who meets Saki for the first time is: don’t expect her to act like Sakura. Really, don’t. This little ball of hyperactivity really likes her job (which, if you hadn’t noticed, involves killing Sues), and she'll be very cheerful about it - sometimes too much.

As a result, Shiro has an hard time keeping her in check, as her recklessness could easily get her killed again.

Partners and FamilyEdit

Her partner is Shiro Turbo, and Saki appears to have a crush on him. A betting pool on whether they’ll take less time to hook up than Sergio and Nikki or not is apparently already underway in HQ.

They both have found some sort of parent or elder sibling figures in Sergio and Nikki - outside HQ, Saki is Nikki’s younger sister on paper. Corolla, obviously, treats her as a niece of sorts.

She was initially very awkward around Keiko due to her being Saki’s alternate self’s daughter, but now they seem to get along. Keiko would appreciate if Saki just stopped trying to get her to do stuff by claiming that she’s her “chibi-mother”, though, especially considering Saki is actually younger than her.

Mission Reports Edit

Recruitment Edit

2034 HST

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