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Sakhmet Black was a Mary Sue in the Harry Potter continuum who was an uncanonical daughter of Sirius Black and claimed to be, in Suicide's words, "the avatar of an Egyptian goddess, Sekhmet the Destroyer."


Modified to leave out the Sue's shouting and the agents' heavy breathing (they'd had a rough day), the charge list ran like so:

Sakhmet Black. You are charged as a Mary Sue by the Protectors of the Plot Continuum. You have been charged with vagueness, kneejerk abruptness in so-called plot, double undefined geography, blatant use of teenspeak, disrespecting geography, abuse of meteorology, making Sirius weak, AND ABOVE ALL, BLATANT DISRESPECT OF THE GODDESS SEKHMET!

Character Demise[]

Agents Ithalond and Suicide ended up receiving the aid of the Egyptian goddess herself in assassinating the Sue. The real Sekhmet was Not Amused by the Sue's claims of divinity and obliterated her on the spot.


The mission: Just One Letter