Sairalindë was a Lord of the Rings Sue who held an uncanonical Important Object, the Ring of Sairalindë.

Character History and AppearanceEdit

Sairalindë was the daughter of the Witch-king, and a member of a race of magic users from a beautiful land somewhere in the north of Middle-earth. Her people had been enslaved by the elves for centuries.

Her black hair flowed down her back like a waterfall, which the Word World interpreted as turning into water and making a puddle at her feet. In addition to her magic ring, she also owned an immortal horse called Amras.


Sairalindë and her boyfriend Daeron were charged by DOGA Agents Dafydd Illian and Selene Windflower with "having impossible hair, multiple stupid descriptions, grandstanding and unnecessary Drama, slandering the entire elvish race by causing them to keep slaves, messing with timescales - there haven't been 'many ages' in Middle-Earth - creating an uncanonical species, to whit, witches and warlocks, with Ainu-esque 'magic' – this isn’t Harry Potter, you know. ... You are also charged with stealing two canonical names without good reason, having a nonsensical name, giving an elf a non-elven name, speaking in sentence fragments, utilising random italics, employing gratuitous Angst, diminishing the power of the One Ring by having a ring which acts in a similar way, disrupting the flow of time, speaking in brackets, manifesting gags, causing mysterious voices, creating a mini-UnCanon species, using the words 'people', 'snuggling', 'each other', and 'bondage' in the same sentence, using stupid turns of phrase, annoying PPC Agents, and being Mary-Sues. For all these offences, you are sentenced to death."


DOGA Agent Dafydd Illian arranged for her slaying by the Witch-King, her purported father. He also made off with her Ring, a fact which later became important.


Saira's 'fic has been lost, but the mission can be found here.

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