The Saffron Crocus was the head of the Department of Author Correspondence until it closed due to lack of agents. Its current whereabouts are unclear, though it presumably still serves the PPC.

Alternate Future Edit

During the year 2038 in the Twisted Skein alternate universe, the Crocus is part of the Board of Flowers, serving as the Head of the Department of Operations. It is one of the only three Flowers on the Board to oppose the new Department of Efficiency, along with the Sub Rosa and the Lilac, who took over the Department of Mary Sues following the death of the Sunflower Official.

The Saffron Crocus may be very young as of its first appearances. The Sub Rosa was stated to be the last of the Firstborn during the Thirty Years Hence period, and while the Crocus was a contemporary to several Firstborn, it was showing none of the Sub Rosa's signs of age.

Appearances Edit

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