The SO conspiracy theory was developed by the Multiverse Monitor staff when they found a videotape containing a scene from an AU Tangled Webs story, "Shades of Black and Red." It consists of the notion that the Sunflower Official was burned to death by the other Flowers (and perhaps some agents) some time ago and replaced by an imposter.

Unlike the HQ Pool theory, this is merely a delusion created by people who drink too much Bleepka.

Sunflower's Witnesses Edit

The one person spotted promoting this theory so far, Agent Shrike[1] – a.k.a. the Sunflower's Witness – is a human woman with spiky hair in a primary red color, blue eyes, and short stature. Her real name is not known to most agents, but it is possible that FicPsych is looking for her. She espouses this belief and spends time knocking on agents' doors with pamphlets (featuring stick figure drawings done in crayon). She claims to belong to a group called the Sunflower's Witnesses. She is rather pushy and difficult to get rid of, when an agent has the misfortune to open the door when she knocks. She is known to shout things like "Repent or the spirit of the real SO will smite thee!" when it becomes clear that the agent has no intention of listening to her.

References Edit

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