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Ryni is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She was created by Adagio.

Agent Profile[]


Ryni is short, with dark eyes and grayish-brownish hair.


Ryni is violent and easily angered, traits that are put to good use as an assassin. She doesn't tend to talk to people she doesn't know (and she really doesn't know that many people), but is perfectly willing to give dramatic and overly formal speeches to people she likes and people she's about to kill. She finds it hard to make friends, due to her rather low opinion of people in general. While she finds her partner exasperating, she genuinely cares about him. This shows in her tendency to mock him at every opportunity.

Due to a deep distrust of medication, Ryni refuses to take any form of Bleeprin. This likely explains a great deal about her state of sanity.

Ryni enjoys playing with thread. Perhaps as a result of this, her primary methods of assassination are strangulation and occasionally a small pair of sewing scissors.

Agent History[]

One day a strange agent with a rather bizarre speech pattern arrived unannounced in RC #5719, claiming to be Agent Tirsaer's new partner. Discreet inquiry at the Department of Personnel later confirmed this. Tirsaer and Ryni have worked together ever since.


  • August 2005 - assigned to Department of Floaters, partnered with Tirsaer
  • November 2008 - recruited Agent Hawthorne

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Center #5719

Partnered with Tirsaer[]