Rudigore, better known as Rudi, is the owner of Rudi's and an agent in the Department of Operations.

Agent ProfileEdit


Rudi is a man who has clearly lived quite the life, but it’s uncertain just how long of one, as he always looks like he very recently turned fifty. He’s a stocky man, with big arms and a barrel chest, and has features some might call vaguely grandfatherly, or at least reminiscent of a favourite uncle, with hazel eyes and greying hair. He wears a bartender’s apron over his PPC uniform.


Rudi is, as a rule, friendly, courteous and helpful towards his patrons, always willing to provide a listening ear or helping hand. He is protective towards those who frequent his pub, and lives by a code of neutrality in which he will allow no trouble to befall them inside the establishment - as far as he's concerned, any interpersonal troubles should stop at his door. He is very knowledgeable about all manner of alcoholic beverages, and keeps quite an impressive stock for all tastes, including Pink Stuff and 1420 Beer among many others, but is staunchly against tobacco and hard drugs, the use of which he will not allow in his pub.


It's unknown when Rudi first arrived in PPC Headquarters, and the only record of where he came from is in some dusty Department of Personnel archive somewhere. To most, he and his pub seem to have always been around; they had both been around for a while by the Reorganisation, and never left. The pub has always served as a safe haven in emergencies, and in general as a nice, homey, healthily-rowdy place to put one’s feet up and unwind after a long day protecting reality. Rudi himself is known to have cultivated an extensive information network in HQ, and has helped the Department of Internal Affairs solve numerous cases.


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