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Rudi's is a pub in Headquarters, run by an agent named Rudigore. It's one of HQ's older and more popular watering holes; while it isn't known exactly when it or its owner arrived, they were both around long enough before the Reorganisation to be known in 1997-1998, and generally feel like they've always been there. The pub itself is a large, homey establishment, with numerous tables, booths, a stage and various other items, such as dart boards, pool tables and arcade machines. Music of some kind or another is often playing, and Rudi keeps two big screens near the bar, which often play sporting events, news, or assorted other programmes; at the least he's known to have World One channels, and the pub gets rowdier than usual when important games or matches like the World Cup are on.

A rough floor plan for Rudi's.

Rudi's serves both food and drink, and there is a fully-stocked kitchen in a back room behind the bar. Aside from Rudi himself, the pub employs kitchen workers, serving staff and bouncers. While he serves all sorts of alcohol and other drinks, Rudi doesn't allow smoking or the use of any hard drugs in his pub. Overall, it's a nice place to put one's feet up and relax after a hard day's work protecting the fabric of reality.

Rudi's is also the site of the PPC's Cluedo matches, of which Omicron is the running champion, and seems to have picked up a reputation for a healthy level of rowdiness.